House Matthys
House Corthals
House Marci

realization of a recovery of Casale Camuccini for theatrical studio and housing purpose

in Rocchette (Rieti), Italy

construction of an orthopedic medical laboratory in Oostende Belgium

recovery of two country houses for residential purposes and construction of a swimming pool in Winkelputstraat Merendree (Belgium).

designs forniture for a studio apartment next to the Casino of Knokke Heist (Belgium).



realization of a recovery of a small farmhouse with pool in Bonnieux The Luberon (France).Commissioned by Tomik NV

in the role of designer he realizes the home of the Secretary of Sint Martens Latem to Dorpstraat Deurle Belgium

construction manager: Luc Van den Heede

design of a steel and glass shopping center with offices in Sint Denijs Westrem (Belgium)
Commissioned by Office Line B.V.B.A.


project for a recovery of a group of houses for residential purposes with restaurant and pool in Rivodutri (Italy)



recovery of an old factory and construction of an orthopedic laboratory and point of sale (showroom) in Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid in Gent Belgium

project for a recovery of an old factory for commercial purpose - leisure (bowling) and offices with underground parking (about 12,000 m2) in Gent (Belgium)

realization of a recovery of an old butcher shop and furniture design in order to create a children's clothing store in Maenhoutstraat Sint-Martens-Latem Belgium



construction of a 28,000 square meters steel and glass structure called "IPES" for offices purposes in Drongen (Belgium).

Commissioned by IPES N.V.



construction of a 23,000 m2 steel and glass structure for offices porpose in Sint Denijs Westrem (Belgium). In collaboration with D & C Van Impe & partners. Commissioned by Liberty Invest N.V.

renovates a villa of the 19th century with park in Rieti for studio and home purpose in Rieti (Italy). Commissioned by Architect Ivan Van Mossevelde

project for the recovery of a manor house in Mur-de-Bretagne (France).

realization of the recovery of the "Ploner" farmhouse and furniture design, including park and swimming pool in Lari Pisa (Italy)

realization of a renovation with complete furnishing, including garden of a house located in the Residence Vissersdorp, De Panne (Belgium)

project for a monument for the victims of the attack against the headquarters of the AMIA in Buenos Aires (Argentina), a reinforced concrete structure that hosts the sculptures of the painter Alejandro Kokocinski. Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.



fattoria PLONER, Lari

renovation and forniture design of an apartment in Rome.


realization of a project for the construction of cultural information and territorial promotion points in Amatrice (Italy). In collaboration with Studio Miluzzo Fabrizio. Commissioned by the provincial administration of Rieti (Italy)

designs a recovery of a castle with the surrounding park in Bachte Maria Leerne (Belgium)

project for a recovery of a farm for residence and studio purpose in Zingem Huise (Belgium)


realizes an extension of an orthopedic laboratory in Ottergemsesteenweg, Gent Zuid (Belgium). Commissioned by Order N.V.

realization of a recovery of a country house "La Gioia" as a holiday home with pool in Castiglion Albocasser (Spain).

realization of a recovery of an old tobacco factory in order to create a Maison d'hotes with a restaurant, a private house, a park and a swimming pool in Anghiari (Italy).


renovation and interior design of an apartment located in the "Suntower" in Monte Carlo (Monaco)


restoration of a farmhouse (mas) with pool in Bonnieux Luberon France

realization of a recovery and furniture design of an old commercial building in order to create a children's clothing store in Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium)


project for a recovery of a 2-hectare estate in Deurle (Belgium) to build a residential park with 24 units
Client: ABS Sint Denijs Westrem


House Van Roy, Labro

recovers a ruined house site in Via Cavour in Labro (Italy)


realization of an external recovery of Villa Ploner in Lari, Pisa(Italy)

project for a penthouse apartment recovery in Monte Carlo (Monaco)

realization of the restoration project and furniture design of the Castle "Kapellegoed " and its park in Drongen (Belgium).

Amatrice info point

realization of a project for the construction of cultural information points and territorial promotion in Frasso Sabina (Rieti). In collaboration with Studio Miluzzo
Commissioned by the provincial administration of Rieti


designs a project for a retreat and yoga center with private house on the island of Stromboli, Sicily (Italy).


renovation with furniture design of the dining room and the garden of the two Michelin stars restaurant "La Trota" in Rivodutri (Italy)

House Franchini - Joyce

Realization of a retreat and yoga center with private house on the island of Stromboli, Sicily (Italy).

Living with silence


"Living with Silence" 10 selected works of Architect Ivan Van Mossevelde - 1970-1980 - Exhibit - Sint Martens Latem

Actually living and working with his wife and close associate Anne in the countryside of Rieti (Italy).


Ivan Van Mossevelde (Wachtebeke, 1940) is a contemporary Flemish architect, renowned for the design of modernistic business buildings and homes and the restoration and upgrading of the historic Italian village of Labro.

Van Mossevelde was born in Wachtebeke as son of Gerard Van Mossevelde and Hilda Coppens. His father was successively a teacher at St. Amandus, St. Lucas and St. Antonius Institute in Ghent and possibly formed the foundation for his architecture education at the Saint-Lucas architectural institute in Ghent. As a true Italophile, Van Mossevelde draws to Italy in 1985 and begins a practice in Sammezzano. In Italy he is working on the restoration of the historic village of Labro.

In 1968, he designed a striking house in Wetteren, consisting of 3 intermittent sections, and which is modern and timeless today. In the 1970s Van Mossevelde used closed brutal concrete walls that he initially applied in the villa for art collector Roger Matthys-Colle in Deurle, but later used in a company building for the Kortrijkse Katoenspinnerij in Harelbeke, in a home in Sint-Denijs-Westrem and in a doctor's office in Ghent.

In 1976 Van Mossevelde made an interesting design for the Aquavia headquarters in Landegem and the office of Batibo Investments in Drongen, where he uses a striking steel structure. He will apply the same design principle in later designs for business buildings as in the superstructure of the Floralis office building in Sint-Denijs-Westrem.

Villa M in Sint-Martens-Latem is a modernist bungalow built in 1977 on behalf of Prof. Henri Muller. This property is an artwork in itself and a statement of pure modernism. The building is distinguished by its open layout and unique interaction with the surrounding unspoilt nature.

In the mid 1980s he designed a number of homes inspired by post-modernism such as a house in Waasmunster and Rombaut house in Lovendegem.

At the end of 1990 he introduced the design of the town hall of Sint-Martens-Latem, which takes into account the specific context of the artist village. The building has a number of post-modern elements that refer to the adjacent church and is also strongly focused on the surrounding landscape to which the Leie belongs.


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starts his studies in Architecture at the Sint Lucas Kunsthumaniora Institute in Gent Belgium


Commissioned by the City Mayor of Hulst-Zeeland to build two private houses in Hulst (The Netherlands)


Builds a dental laboratory and a private house in Sint Janssteen Zeeland (The Netherlands)


On the 1st of July he graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Sint Lucas Kunsthumaniora Insitute in Gent (Belgium)


Specializes in landscaping at the Herrengarten Hochschule Institute in Hannover (Germany)


Restores and renovates an historic Property used to be an abbey and an old watermill in Affligem (Belgium), "Bellemolen" restaurant (2 Michelin stars). The project has been classified by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as an architectural heritage in 1985


Project for 12 tourist wooden houses on a dam located in Perkpolder Zeeland (The Netherlands)

Grand-Prix Frére Alfred for freehand drawings - Published

First Prize Glaverbel Contest / Belgium


International contest "Maspalomas", Las Palmas (Gran Canarie)


Main facade resurfacing of the beer factory "Brasserie Kruger" in Eeklo (Belgium) commissioned by Brasserie Kruger


Builds a Showroom for Wolkswagen and a private house in Gote Markt, Eeklo (Belgium)

Completed 2 commercial projects at Porto Soler, Majorca (Spain) commissioned by a private association 


Builds an administrative center for a theater and a private house in Merelbeke, Gent (Belgium)


Recovery of a country house in Goedingenstraat Afsnee (Belgium) where he creates his Architecture Studio and private house



Recovery of the theater "ARCA" located in Hoogpoort, Gent (Belgium) commissioned by the Department of Culture

Builds a private house with swimmingpool in Rode Beukendreef, Deurle (Belgium)


Starts working on the restoration of the houses and buildings in the village of Labro, Rieti (Italy)

Designs a project for the recovery of the historical center of Sint-Martens-Latem in Belgium including a project for the new Town Hall and a project for a museum of contemporary art, commissioned by the Municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem


Recovery of a castle in Gansoren, Brussels (Belgium)


Builds a steel and glass structure in Landegem (Belgium)commissioned by Aquavia NV

Recovery of a water mill (1304) located in the Château du Compte de Ways Ruart private estate

Builds a private house with a swimming-pool in Wetteren Ten Ede (Belgium)

Realizes a private house after recovering an old property in Muinkkaai, Gent (Belgium)

Builds a residential center with 14 individual bungalows for elderly couples in a park with meeting room and bar in Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium)

Construction of a commercial building with 25 apartments in Vismarkt, Brussels (Belgium)

Builds a private house with a swimming-pool in Sint Denijs Westrem (Belgium) commissioned by Dr.Van Wijnsberghe

Designs the recovery of the historical center of Geraardsbergen (Belgium) commissioned by the Municipal Administration of Geraardsbergen


Organization of a construction site with architecture students and professionals for the partial renewal of the streets of Labro (Italy), In collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Labro

Builds a steel and glass commercial structure (1,800 m2) in Drongensesgteenweg, Drongen (Belgium)

project for a furniture factory and showroom in Duisburg (Germany) commissioned by Acropol NV


project for the Police Station in Labro (Italy) commissioned by the Municipal Administration of Labro



Builds a cotton weaving factory (Kortrijkse Katoenspinnerij) in exposed reinforced concrete in Kortrijk Noord (Belgium) commissioned by Kortrijkse Katoenspinnerij

Designs a project of a hotel resort (250 rooms with apartments) in "Cala Sambuca", Santa Teresa di Gallura in Sardinia (Italy)

Recovery of a manor house and construction of a medical clinic with living space in Sleepstraat, Gent (Belgium)



Recovers a reinforced concrete skeleton and builds a house with wooden facades in Terracina (Italy)


Nominated Counsellor of the Order of Architects of the Province of Oost-Vlaanderen (West Flanders), Belgium

Meets the Architect Louis Khan in Louvain La Neuve


Project for commercial offices in exposed reinforced concrete nearby the Pinte (Belgium)

Recovers an old factory with a courtyard garden for residential purposes in Gent (Belgium)



Nominated Councillor of the National Order of Architects in Brussels

Project for a Tourist Village hotel with SPA (about 200 rooms and apartments) in Golfo Aranci (Sardinia, Italy) commissioned by Coalstal State LTD/London Solemar/Lichtenstein


Project for a rowing boat factory in Donoratico (Italy)


Recovers an apartment in Rome (Italy)





Recovery of an existing building to transform into offices of S.E.A. Belgium in Avenue Roger Van den Driesche in Brussels (Belgium). Commissioned

by S.E.A. Belgium

Transforms and changes the Palazzo Crispolti from College to Hotel in Labro (Italy). Commissioned by Arch. Ivan Van Mossevelde

The recovery of an old abbey in Rivodutri (Italy), for the purpose of a house with pool and park.


construction of a steel gazebo located in the the park of the 2 Michelin stars Restaurant La Trota in Rivodutri (Italy).


Award at the Chamber of Commerce-Industry-Handicraft and Agriculture of the Province of Rieti for the tourist development of the province of Rieti.

Project for the restoration of the village "Schoppio", Municipality of Acquasparta Italy. Commissioned by a private consortium, Municipality of Acquasparta and Cooperative "Friends of Schoppio"


Project for a recovery of a timber storage site for commercial purposes and housing
with recovery of existing structures in Lichtervelde Belgium.


Project for completion of the works of settlement and urban design of the new town of Trimezzo Italy in collaboration with the architect Miluzzo and the architect Ciotti.

Commissioned by the City Administration of Cittareale, Rieti (Italy).

foundation of the "Centre for Environmental Studies for the Territory" with Dr. Silvano Landi as Chairman and headquarters in Via Vittorio Emanuele 16 Labro (Italy).

1994 February 2nd : enrollment in the Register of Architects of Rieti

with No. 136.




Recovery of an apartment in the historical center of Rome (Italy)

project for a prototype hotel / motel named PICOTEL to be built next to the motorway exits with 80 rooms and restaurant


realization of the project for the restoration of the 6th century pulpit in the church of Sint-Martens-Latem Belgium


design for an infrastructure around the pedestrian stretch of the path of Saint Franciscus in Fonte Colombo, Rieti (Italy).
Project for the recovery of a historic tower.


realization of a recovery and extension of the dining hall and kindergarten of the municipal school of Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium)
Commissioned by the City Administration of Sint Martens Latem

recovers an existing house and builds a Pharmacy and private home
in Wingene (Belgium)



First phase: Full reliefs and presentation of the project to the Superintendent of the Lazio Monuments

Labro 1968

Realizes the project for a full recovery of the village of Labro, Rieti (Italy). Private initiative with the collaboration of the City Administration of Labro.




Builds a private house in exposed reinforced concrete in Deurle (Belgium) commissioned by Dr. Roger Matthys e Hilda Colle. The House was designed in order to contain their massive Modern Art Collection

Builds an orthopedic center and a private house in exposed reinforced concrete in Sint Denijs Westrem (Belgium)

medical center Cools Belgium Gent

Builds a Medical Laboratory in exposed reinforced concrete in Gent (Belgium)

Medical studio Coupez Gent Belgium

Builds a private house and a swimming-pool in exposed reinforced concrete in Knesselare (Belgium)

Builds a private house in exposed reinforced concrete with pisciculture in Dendermonde (Belgium)

House De Lathauwer

Realization of a group of 15 single-family homes in De Wijngaard, Deurle (Belgium)

Wjingaard Belgium

Builds a private house in Voordelaan, Deurle (Belgium)

IPES Belgium

Builds a fully cedar wood house in Avenue des Eglantiers, Uccle-Bruxelles (Belgium)

Builds a Medical Office with living space and swimming pool in Bergstraat, Nieuwerkerken (Belgium)

Labro planimetrie, recovery plan of labro

assignment for the "Recovery Plan" of Labro (Italy). Commissioned by the Municipal Administration of Labro

construction of a private house in a park on a natural ditch in Moen (Kortrijk) Belgium

Recovers part of the Barberini palace and Crispolti palace and builds a private house in Labro (Italy)

palazzo crispolti Labro

Recovery of the "Palazzo Crispolti" as College for rowers in Labro (Italy) commissioned by the Italian Rowing Federation, President Paolo D'Aloja and Technical Director Thor Nilsen

palazzo crispolti

Recovery project of a 22,000 m2 facility,

a 5 star Hotel with Golf course located next to Castello di Sammezzano, Florence (Italy).

Restoration project of the Sammezzano Castle, Florence (Italy).

Restoration project of 12 farmhouses located in the estate of the castle.

Commissioned by Castello Sammezzano S.A.S

Designs a project for a hotel and tourism center for Italians living abroad, recovery project of a hotel from the 30s, project for 2 restaurants, a medicalized center, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a landscaping project for the surrounding park.

Commissioned by Vallombrosa SAS, Firenze.

Recovery of 2 1911-1913 "Belle Epoque" houses in Avenue des Gaulois, Brussels (Belgium) 

the Labro Town Council commissioned him for restoration work in the historic center of Labro: staircase of Via Santa Maria Maggiore, including the area in front of the Collegiate church, area in front of the Tower, Piazza Mazzini, completion of the streets and roads within the Old Town.


Labro 1995

construction of the new town hall with showroom and arrangement of the surrounding area

in Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium)
in collaboration with ABETEC NV
Commissioned by the Municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem


Sint Martens Latem town hall

Builds a private house designed to contain the art of the painter Hubert Malfait in Grote Mortel, Sint Martens Latem (Belgium)

house Vanwynsberghe

Builds a private house with a studio in Kwakstraat Sint Martens Latem (Belgium)

House Van Hooland

Builds a private house in Nelemeersstraat, Sint Martens Latem (Belgium). Commissioned by the Mayor of Sint Martens Latem

recovery of a former church and conservation of the  altar and frescoes in Rivodutri (Italy)

House Boni
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